Chapter 4 - How to Find Jobs and Submit Candidates

Chapter 4 - How to Find Jobs and Submit Candidates

Finding Job Openings and Submitting Candidates + RTR Process Explained

Welcome back! If you've been following along, you're already familiar with how to navigate the Splitle dashboard. In this chapter, we'll dive deeper into the job search process, focusing on how to find the perfect job openings and submit candidates seamlessly.

Jobs Section:

1. Open the Jobs Section from the menu on the left side of your screen.
2. Here, you'll see a list of job openings. Use filters like Industries or Job Types to narrow down your search.

Select a Job:

1. Click on a job to review its description.
2. If it seems like a good fit, choose to work on it.
3. The job will then be added to your "Working On" section.

Submit a Candidate:

1. Click on "Submit Candidate."
2. Choose a candidate profile from your Splitle account.
3. Alternatively, add a new candidate profile if needed. (If you're unsure how to do this, refer to Chapter 3.)
4. Complete any additional required details and submit the candidate.

When you will submit a candidate, you will see an alert - "RTR sent to the candidate and the candidate added to the pipeline successfully" RTR is the Right to Representation that is sent to the candidate via email, allowing them to accept or decline representation of their candidacy.

We have covered it in more detail in our next chapter!

By following these steps, you can easily search for job openings and submit candidates through the Splitle dashboard.

See you in the next chapter!
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