Chapter 11 - How to Add Jobs to Splitle's BDM Dashboard

Chapter 11 - How to Add Jobs to Splitle's BDM Dashboard

Adding Jobs to Splitle's BDM Dashboard

Welcome, Recruiters, to this guide on how to seamlessly add jobs to Splitle's BDM dashboard. Whether you're representing staffing firms or organizations with hiring needs, this tool is designed to make your job posting process efficient and effective.

Watch this tutorial video or read the step-by-step instructions:

Accessing the BDM Dashboard

First things first, let's navigate to the BDM dashboard. Here's how:

1. Switch to BDM: Head over to the switch option and select BDM. This will lead you directly to the BDM dashboard, where you'll be able to manage tasks on behalf of your company.

Adding a Job

Once you're on the BDM dashboard, it's time to add a job. Follow these simple steps:
  1. Navigate to BDM Job Section: Locate the BDM job section and click on "Add Job". This action will initiate the process of adding a new job listing.
  2. Provide Basic Details: Now, it's time to fill in the essential details about the job you're offering. Include information such as job title, industry, and type (e.g., full-time, part-time).
  3. Specify Hiring Purpose: Let us know whether you're hiring for a third-party client or for your own organization. This step ensures clarity in the hiring process.
  4. Complete Job Description: Craft a compelling job description that outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits associated with the role. Be as detailed as possible to attract the right candidates.
  5. Submit Your Job Listing: Once you've filled in all the necessary details, hit the submit button. Your job listing will then be forwarded to our internal team for review.

Final Steps

After submission, here's what happens next:
  1. Internal Review: Our dedicated team will carefully review the job listing to ensure its accuracy and compliance with our platform's standards.
  2. Job Verification: Once the job listing passes our review process, it will be officially verified and added to our list of available jobs.

Wrapping Up

And that's it! By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly add jobs to Splitle's BDM dashboard, making the hiring process smoother for both recruiters and job seekers. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Happy recruiting!

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