Chapter 3 - How to Add Candidates in Your Splitle Dashboard

Chapter 3 - How to Add Candidates in Your Splitle Dashboard

Creating Candidate Profiles in Splitle Dashboard 

Hello Champions!
Good job on setting up your profiles successfully. Now the real fun begins!

Now that you have learnt how to setup your profile, we will learn how you can add candidates you want to represent in your Splitle dashboard. 

Let’s get started - 

Go to the Candidates Section from the menu on the left side of your screen. Now click on ‘Add Candidate’ 

Step 1 - Adding Basic Details 

(i) Fill in all the basic details like the full name of the candidate, their email ID, and contact details. 
(ii) Next, fill in the work authorization. You can choose from 3 options in the drop-down menu – USC, which stands for United States Citizen, Green Card Holder and Other Visa Type.  
(iii) Last, fill in the top skills of the candidate and click on next. 

Step 2 - Adding Location Details 

(i) Here, enter the location details of the candidate and if the candidate is willing to relocate if required. 
(ii) Now enter experience information of the candidate. 
(iii) Total Experience, preferred job type like Full time, contracting, contracting to hire. You can choose multiple options from the drop-down menu. 
(iv) Add the qualifications, certification details and the salary expectations.  

Step 3 - Adding Candidate Documents 

(i) Click on next and enter the documents of the candidate you are representing.
(ii) Enter the LinkedIn URL, portfolio link if any, and the candidate’s resume. 
(iii) Next, enter the status of the candidate from the dropdown, if the candidate is active or passive. 
(iv) Write a brief introduction about the candidate. This should be based on your personal conversation with the candidate, highlighting why you believe they are a good fit for the positions you are referring them for. This information will assist the account manager in presenting the candidate to the client, improving the chances of the candidate being hired.

Give yourselves a pat on the back because now your very first profile is added! You can now add as many candidates as you want. 

In the next guide, Let's take a quick look at how to search for job openings and submit these candidates. 

See you in the next chapter!
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